Monday, July 19, 2010

Some Excellent Reviews of the Windows Phone Technical Preview

As I didn’t actually get a device yet, I can’t provide an actual review on Windows Phone 7. However, writers all over the web have written their reviews (most posted at 12:00AM EST). The majority of them have praised Windows Phone 7, and rightly so. However, one or two have decided that getting hits to their website is more important than providing a good review. Thus, they’ve provided reviews similar to Galen Gruman’s “Windows Phone 7: Don’t bother with this disaster” blog post. Here are a few of my favorite and very well written reviews I’ve read thus far.


Paul Thurrott offers an exemplary review of the Technical Preview over at his SuperSite for Windows. This review has some great information along with real screenshots of contents on the device (real meaning, not photographed, actually taken straight off the phone itself). Of course, he’s also working on a great Windows Phone 7 book called Windows Phone Secrets, so he really knows his stuff when it comes to Windows Phone. You can read more about his experiences with Windows Phone and the book at his blog Windows Phone Secrets.


Matthew Miller from ZDNet has the most in-depth review of the Windows Phone Technical Preview that I’ve seen to date (actually, this review may be the most detailed review I’ve seen period). He goes into depth about almost everything that you need to know, or would ever want to know about Windows Phone. He also took and posted a whopping 90 photos of the phone, which accompany the review quite nicely.


PCMag’s Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff wrote a great review of Windows Phone and includes  great overview of how the Zune service will interact with the device. I’ve been reading PCMag since the beginning of my PC days and have found many of their reviews to be thoughtful and well written. This one exemplifies what I’ve expected from PCMag over the years.


Engadget also has a pleasant piece regarding the Windows Phone. Although I’m not a huge reader of Engadget, I’ve found this review to be halfway decent.


There’s plenty more where those came from. These three that I’ve selected should be sufficient for the average person, but if you’re still yearning for more, try searching on Bing for some more reviews, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’m currently writing a My Take on Windows Phone 7 and I’ll post that either today or tomorrow.


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