Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yet another Bing’s Best Theme for Windows 7

Not sure exactly when this was released, but the next Bing’s Best theme, not unwittingly called Bing’s Best 3, is now available from the Microsoft Personalization Gallery. I wrote about the Bing’s Best 2 a while back when Microsoft announced that, plus there’s also, obviously, Best of Bing 1. If you want, you could easily combine all the background to create one Best of Bing theme, which would include a multitude (roughly 60) of different Bing backgrounds. (Learn how to create themes in Windows 7.) Here are some examples of the images:



What are the Bing’s Best Themes?

As most of you probably know, the Bing website (Microsoft’s search engine) offers a new background image every day. These are often very nice, breathtaking pictures from all over the world. The Best of Bing Theme Packs take the best backgrounds from Bing, upscale the resolution to normal desktop wallpaper size, and released in a Windows 7 Theme Pack. I thoroughly enjoy these themes and have all three of them currently on all of my PCs. You can download all three from the Microsoft Personalization Gallery, or you can use the links below for a direct download (via the Microsoft Personalization Gallery):


Bing’s Best 1

Bing’s Best 2

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