Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Office 2010 Product Documentation

To go along with my Windows 7 Documentation post, I thought I would also share with those who are interested in reading more about Office 2010. As with the Windows 7 Documentation, Office 2010’s Documentation is also available via Microsoft’s Download Center .


The documentation is split up into several files, and each file covers a specific Office 2010 Applications, such as Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. Each documentation is available in two different flavors as well, XPS or PDF. Each of the guides spans a number of pages, the Word guide has 66 pages of information and Access has 53 pages. The guides offer information on changes in the programs, as well as how the applications can be used to manage work more efficiently and how to accomplish tasks quicker and easier. However, they also show How-To’s for the new features introduced in Office 2010, which is quite nice for those currently upgrading to Office 2010 and need to learn these features quickly.


If nothing else, these guides are a great way to see if you really want to upgrade to Office 2010 and if the new features make it a worthwhile upgrade. You can download all of the guides at Microsoft’s Download Center.



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