Thursday, April 15, 2010

Windows 7 Home Premium Uses Only 6.40GB

As I’m currently tinkering with the service pack 1 pre-beta for Windows 7, I installed Windows 7 Home Premium into a Virtual Machine. After installing it, I looked at the size that Windows 7 actually took up, interestingly Windows 7 Home Premium only uses 6.40GB of hard drive space to install. Amazing? Sort of. This just goes to show that Windows 7 is truly the big improvement that we’ve all come to realize over time. So, without further ado, here’s a screenshot as proof:




I’ve noticed this before, but wanted to document this to everyone to show how efficient Windows 7 really is. How much space does Windows XP take up? Well, it depends. The RTM for Windows XP, which shipped in 2001, was about 1.5GB. Given the biggest hard drives back then were around 80 GB. Doing the match, Windows XP took up around 1.875% of the biggest hard drives in 2001. Step forward nine years and you find that Windows 7, after doing the math, only takes up 0.625%. Not too shabby for nine years of time.


A couple notes here, the 6.40 GB size does not include SP1 pre-beta, it’s just the RTM of Windows 7 Home Premium. Also, I installed 32-bit Windows 7, as I’m still certain that VMWare does not support 64-bit Operating Systems. If I’m mistaken on that one, you can let me know…


To make a short story even shorter, it’s just great that Windows 7 takes up so little hard drive space, I think. This gives users the ability to, of course, install more “stuff” onto their computer. Doesn’t Windows 7 just make everyone’s life easier? :)



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