Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh no, Google’s changed its name!

Every morning I get up and start perusing the web for interesting articles (typically dealing with Tech and Finance).  During this time I often end up at Google’s website at least once…today though, I decided to use Topeka…at least that’s what Google’s apparently renamed itself.




Alright, so what is Topeka?  Topeka is actually a town in Kansas, it’s the one that tried so hard to get the new Google Fiber Internet that it actually renamed itself to Google for a while.  So, what’s the nicest thing Google could do for the town in return?  Rename itself of course.

A blog post by Eric Schmidt himself goes on to explain the reasoning behind the renaming…which also included the following guidelines on the proper ways to use Goog…I mean Topeka:




This is groundbreaking, I’ve never seen a company that has actually moved this quickly to change its name.  Want any more info on this?  I’ll let you Google Topeka that for yourself.  :)


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