Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What this site is about

I started this blog to write about my experiences with Windows and other Microsoft products.  As the name suggests, I tinker with Windows quite a bit.  It’s not my job, instead it’s more of a hobby of mine.  I spend countless hours trying to figure out how Windows really works.  You can almost always find something new with Windows or Office that you didn’t know before, and this is why I use Windows so much, there’s always something new to find, discover, or see.

I have been following Windows very closely ever since the XP / Win2K days, but I’ve been playing around with Windows since the Windows 3.11 era.  I used DOS on a 286 (maybe it was a 386, can't remember) before that.

This site as a whole will look at Windows and other Microsoft products such as Office, Server, Visual Studio, Expression (which is pretty cool if you ask me), and a whole lot more.  Many posts will constitute simple how-to articles, while others will be more complex, and still others will be reviews on products that Microsoft is releasing, such as Office 2010 (you can download the Beta now).

From time to time, I may look at Microsoft’s competition, because let’s face it, without their competition Windows may not be where it is today.  This may include testing and reviewing the latest Firefox update, Chrome (which I use and highly recommend), iTunes and other media players, among many other applications.

It seems appropriate that the first place that I start with looking at Windows 7 for this blog is in the Control Panel, as almost all tweaking and messing around with Windows can be started from this nice little app.  So, for the next couple of posts or so, I’ll look at different components of the Control Panel, such as the Action Center, Administrative Tools (a fairly complex tool), Performance Information and Tools, and more.  Ultimately, I would like to cover all of the most important components of Control Panel (let’s face it, they’re all important, though some more so than others).

If you want to follow me on Twitter, my handle is jctierney.  You can ask me questions, give me tips, information, etc.  Don’t have a Twitter account?  Don’t worry, it’s simple to set up – in fact, I just set one up the other day.


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