Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Internet Explorer 9: Available September 15 at 2:00PM EST?

Have you visited the Beauty of the Web recently? If so, you may have noticed the option to download a reminder for Outlook (or whatever similar app you choose to use). As I’m into the whole getting IE the second it’s available, I downloaded the file (an ICS files for calendar apps) and opened it up with Outlook, here’s what I found:




Notice the reminder time? It says 14:00, or 2:00PM. Whether or not this is the exact time that Microsoft will be releasing IE9 to the general public is not entirely clear, but we do now know that users will be reminded to download IE9 at 2:00PM on September 15. Hopefully, this brings a little bit more to the table as far as the exact date and time for IE9’s release.


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