Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Windows 7 Up-Close: Windows 7 “God Mode”

I figure it’s probably time to write a little about this feature. It’s nothing too fancy or major, but it is a feature that is found everywhere on the Internet, and now, you can find it here as well. Really, Windows 7 “God Mode” is nothing else but a “folder” with almost all of the essential shortcuts to tweaking Windows 7 settings. It is a great place to start for those who need to modify Windows settings and it not only works for Windows 7 but also Vista. (Note, however, I have not tested this with XP. It may or may not work with XP, I’m not sure at the moment.)


Anyways, if you are curious in this “extra” feature of Windows 7, simply right-click on your desktop, mouse-over new, then Folder. Rename the folder to the following:




The folder will automatically have the title “God Mode”, thus where this feature’s name comes from. Feel free to rename the folder to whatever you wish, or simply leave it the same.


And no, this feature will not give you any special advantage with Windows 7. All of these tools or settings can be found elsewhere within Windows 7. This folder only tries to tie most of the features or settings into one area. You could actually think of it as an expanded Control Panel with access to over 270 settings that can be changed by simply double-clicking the name. However, even though it won’t add any extra features to Windows, it is still worth checking out, especially for those who do mess around with Windows. Then again, they probably already know about this anyways.





Have fun with it!


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