Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Microsoft rolling out Hotmail Updates

Yesterday, along with the consumer release of Office 2010, Microsoft also announced that it would start rolling out the much anticipated Hotmail Updates. The new service, which I am thoroughly excited about, will incorporate better ways in which we interact with our e-mail. It will increase efficiency, while cutting down on a lot of the junk mail that people get each and every day.


Now, if you haven’t seen the update yet, don’t worry. Microsoft also stated that it will take some time for the entire update rollout to complete. They give good reasons for this as well, such as:


Hotmail Servers are cluster based. This is key here. There are hundreds of clusters of Hotmail servers and each will be upgraded one at a time.


Only one cluster is upgraded at a time. This here too makes quite  a bit of sense. On the blog post, Microsoft announced that they would only be upgrading one cluster at a time. This is smart, primarily because it gives them a chance to make sure no problems arise, which leads to the last and final point that I want to make.


Any bugs will be updated first before continuing the rollout. Once again, this leads back to good service. Here’s why. Microsoft also stated that if they find a bug, they will first fix the bug and update the fix on previously installed cluster before moving onto future clusters. Once again, this makes perfect sense as Microsoft, as well as its customers, want a perfect integration with as little downtime as possible.


If you’re interested in learning more about what the new Hotmail features are, you can read my blog post about the new Hotmail, or you can go directly to the source and read more about the Hotmail updates. Paul Thurrott also has an excellent review of the new Hotmail over at his SuperSite for Windows. Microsoft, however, did not that everyone should have the updates by the end of this summer, but I would guess that it might be even sooner than that. Either way, if you use Hotmail, keep a lookout for these features to come!


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