Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview #3 arriving today

If you’ve been excited about the latest Internet Explorer release, you can be even more excited today. The third platform preview will apparently be released today by Microsoft. This third preview follows on the footsteps of #1 and #2 which Microsoft had originally promised a release every 8 weeks. Considering the second Platform Preview was released around the first half of May, I’d say they’re somewhat on track. Recall that the first Platform Preview was released at MIX’10 on March 10.


Internet Explorer 9 is a more standards compliant web browser that takes into consideration HTML5, CSS, and SVG2 standards. It really is a huge improvement over previous versions of Internet Explorer and proves that Microsoft is still very much in the browser game. You can try out the current Platform Preview over at Also over at the IE9 Test Drive site, you can find specific demos to test/compare IE9 to the performance of other browsers. Be warned, however, that IE9 will blow the doors off of your favorite browser (may it be Chrome, Firefox, IE8, Safari, whatever).


Currently, the Platform Preview doesn’t really have any type of UI. It’s very basic and simple. Instead, it offers a powerful engine in the background that can kick the doors off of any other modern web browser. Here’s a look at what the current preview (PP#2) looks like:




With that aside, I’m also very excited to say that, according to Mary Jo Foley and a few other sources, Internet Explorer 9 may be arriving in beta come August. I will, of course, be installing this (both the PP#3 and the beta) on all of my computers as I’ve done with the previous previews. I’ll also write a brief commentary on the beta version of IE9 once it’s available.


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