Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting Ready for April 12

Update: Alright, I got the release date for Office 2010 wrong. Not sure why I did this, but it is really going to be released on May 12, not April 12. The rest is accurate. Still, Office 2010 will be a great product once it’s released.

A lot’s happening on April 12 in the Microsoft land. First up, of course, is the release of Office 2010 (will actually be released May 12 NOT April 12, sorry for the confusion), which I might add I am thoroughly excited for. I’ve been using Office 2010 since the Technical Preview back in July of last year. I’ll just say this, I’m impressed, and you will be too. However, as excited as I am about Office 2010, there’s even more happening come April 12.


It’s also apparently been confirmed that April 12 will be the official release of Microsoft Pink devices. What are these? Well, the world’s not too sure yet. However, it does seem like these devices, targeted towards the younger generation (such as myself, twenty-somethings), will be geared more towards social networking. Why we need yet another social device is beyond me, but Microsoft is creating one. Go Microsoft, go! (Once I get more information as to what Microsoft Pink really is, I’ll write up a description, so keep in touch.)


Hold on to your knickers, there’s even more. April 12 will also be the release of Visual Studio 2010. Although I don’t use Visual Studio as much as Office, I have written some small programs in the new 2010 Technical Preview and Beta. Once again, I can say that I am overly impressed with the new version. Programming has never been easier, and I can almost say that anyone who understands computers to some degree should be able to write a program with Visual Studio 2010. It’s that easy.


That’s about it for now. I’ll try to get some more articles up later this week. This has already been a pretty busy week, yesterday was beyond a full work-day. So, if I don’t get an article out every day, then you should know why.


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