Friday, March 26, 2010

What do you think? Adding How To videos to this site.

I’ll admit it, for the longest time I’ve looked at “how to” videos as an easy way out of actually describing how to perform an action on Windows.  Or in other words, poor journalism.  (I don’t mean to offend anyone, I have found many of these videos to be quite helpful, but ultimately feel they can be used as a way out of “real” journalism.)  Of late though, I’ve been playing around with a new screen capturer software that I recently got through MSDNAA.  (Microsoft Expression Encoder, anyone?)  Since I’ve been working with Encoder 3, I’ve found that videos don’t necessarily have to be just an easy way out of explaining a difficult process (of course, they easily can be), but instead, they can be used as a companion to my How To or Windows 7 Up-Close articles, further showing users how an action is performed.

I would like to start incorporating these into my site, but figured, I’d ask to see what everyone’s personal opinion is on these.  Keep in mind, the videos will be supplemental to my articles, instead of being just a “video,” so I’ll still be writing.  (Personally, I enjoy writing more than creating a video anyways.)  I figure this is just an easier way to get a certain point across to my readers, after-all a picture (or movie?) is worth a thousand words.

So, am I right, or just plain wrong?  Let me know if you’d like to see videos on this site, you can either leave a comment below or tweet me your response (@jctierney).  Thanks!

P.S.  If I do start using videos as supplemental material, I’ll make sure they don’t AutoPlay when you load this page…I hate that.  (I’ll also post an example How To article later to basically show what type of videos I’ll implement.)


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