Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MIX’10: IE9 Screenshots (Preview to Follow)

Yesterday at 12:00PST, the Internet Explorer 9 developer preview site went live.  This was just before the beginning of the day 2 MIX’10 Keynote.  It’s a little late, but I’ve finally gotten time to post some screenshots of IE9 in action.  Please note that this is a developer preview and that IE9 is currently just the engine and a shell (i.e. no grand UI, yet).  You can also download the preview and try it out for yourself.


The home page brings up a slew of tests that you can perform with IE9 to see how it compares with other browsers, I’ll go into depth more with these in my preview of IE9.


This is how you currently need to browse the internet.  Keep in mind this will change once the final release is out, and even before the beta.


Had to include Bing somewhere in these screenshots.  This is just an example of how it renders a website, not much can be seen from here that’s different from other browsers, however.


One of the included tests you can perform with IE9 and other (competing) browsers.  There’s actually a significant difference between IE9 and other browsers with this test, once again, I’ll look over these during the preview.

That’s it for now, expect more screenshots and information in my preview article on IE9.  As always, you can contact and keep up with me on Twitter (@jctierney), or you can leave a comment below.


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